“Phyllis” performed by Margaret Kennedy


“PHYLLIS”, whose once successful theatrical career is long past, sits alone in her elegant bedroom, sipping on cocktails as memories of her childhood in Mississippi, love affairs and glamorous parties in New York, drift in and out of focus.

Her good sense of humor and charm starts to fade as she recounts disappointments in her marriage and her struggle to regain her ‘rightful place in society’.

Although PHYLLIS is determined to convince an unseen listener that she has no regrets, tender memories are overshadowed by a dark anger and the painful fragility beneath her proud defiance is laid bare.

Praise for “PHYLLIS”

“PHYLLIS holds you spellbound….transported to another time and Southern place.”

“The script…so powerful it hurt at times to hear it.”

“Great performance by MARGARET KENNEDY.”

“The music is fantastic!”

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