About Shadow Man

“SHADOW MAN” – a short film written and directed by Roberta Pyzel, puts a human face on the subject of justice.

Ricky, a small-time drug dealer, in prison with a 25 years to life sentence for a violent crime he did not commit, breaks down as he relives a night of terror, and begs a resistant court appointed lawyer, to file an Appeal on his behalf.


“Pascal Arquimedes and Audrey Woods are uniformly exceptional, utterly natural…SHADOW MAN grip(s) the viewer from the outset.”

– John Smistad, THE MOVIE BLOG.

To dare, to grow, to love: an intimate portrait of eight men in group therapy

“Shooting Stars has universal significance. It leads the viewer to sense his or her own mortality [and to experience] profound feelings of appreciation for life.”

– The Cape Codder

“The painful honesty captured in the film is effectively brought forth as [it] flip-flops between normal, day-to-day issues and the complexities heaped upon the men by AIDS… Most members of the group agreed that being diagnosed with AIDS was like a ‘wake-up call.’ ‘It makes you finally deal with living.'”

– The Provincetown Advocate

“The great value of Shooting Stars lies in its unsentimental, humane, surprisingly humorous, and deeply touching illustration of the benefit of being involved in an AIDS support group.”

– A & U (America’s AIDS Magazine)

“A touching profile.”

– New York Native

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