Shadow Man


“A Tale of Redemption”

“Shadow Man” (2021): Reaching for a Ray of Light through the Darkness
– John Smistad, the MOVIE BLOG:

Ricky is in prison. He’s going to be there awhile. But for how many years?

This is the crux of the new short film, “Shadow Man”, as we listen in on a brief yet absorbing conversation between a desperate man and a woman who holds the fate of his life in her hands.

I talked with Writer/Director Roberta Pyzel about the motivation for her movie.

What inspired you as a filmmaker to create “Shadow Man”?

One day, quite by chance, I met a man just released from a prison upstate. As he spoke about his life and his daughter and his hope for the future, the character ‘Ricky’ started to take shape.

I’ve always thought that harsh MANDATORY prison sentences were cruel and a waste of life…so putting Ricky in a meeting with a legal aid lawyer became a way to put a human face on the subject of ‘justice’.

As a friend said recently: who has not made mistakes…can we repair the damage we have inflicted on ourselves and others…how do we move on?


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