Andrea Dworkin

PART I: “Living a meaningful life…”

“In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve. Andrea was one of them.”

– Gloria Steinem

Dworkin challenges us to rethink our most deeply imbedded ideas about the hierarchies of domination and submission that infuse our sexual, social and economic relationships.

Her courageous commitment to elevating the voices of people, especially women, who are suffering, was born out of a deep compassion and a belief that another kind of world is possible…a world that disavows cruelty and embraces a truly egalitarian society.

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  1. Dworkin’s thinking (and beautiful writing) challenges us to examine the way we think of ourselves as women and men…and how we organize the power structures in our world.

    Now is certainly the time for deep original thinking about what kind of world we want to create.

    Thank you for watching!

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