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“SHADOW MAN” – a short film written and directed by Roberta Pyzel, puts a human face on the subject of justice.

Ricky, a small-time drug dealer, in prison with a 25 year to life sentence for a violent crime he did not commit, meets with Ms. Davis, a cynical court appointed lawyer, and as he tries to convince her to file an Appeal on his behalf, his vulnerability touches her deeply, drawing her back into the struggle for justice that she had abandoned long ago.


“Pascal Arquimedes and Audrey Woods are uniformly exceptional, utterly natural…SHADOW MAN grip(s) the viewer from the outset.”

– John Smistad, THE MOVIE BLOG.

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  1. I am a Audrey Woods, JAXS, JACK IN THE BOX FAN
    Diva, Sister, Entertainer par excellence, Singer, Actor, Warrior Queen and solid sista = Audrey Woods
    Y’all go and get it all!!!!

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